Quartz is an interesting open-source project I’ve kept an eye on for a while. It started as a static site generator for Obsidian vaults. While it still does that very gracefully, they have added many more features over the years.

I use Quartz to generate the pages of this website from an Obsidian vault, push the static site generation through a Git repository that is automatically deployed to this website. I’ll cover the process in more detail on another page.

You can find Quartz on their Github page, and the documentation is here.

I do wish customizing the output HTML was a little more straightforward, as I find myself having to learn some Typescript and edit the Quartz source to make the changes I want, even for something as simple as changing the footer.

It does need a more robust templating system, but that is really a minor issue for my needs. It solves the hard problems quite well for me.