Hi, I’m Russell, and I like to tinker.

This website has gone through so many versions. The most recent version being written in Swift and Markdown using Publish.

But it has always been a hope of mine to find an easy-ish way to publish this website directly from an Obsidian vault. Yes, Obsidian has a built in Sync service, but it doesn’t really work the way I need it to.

So here is the latest version of this site, published with the help of Quartz … from an Obsidian vault … mostly. It’s the closest I’ve come to my goal so far.

So rather than a list of articles, or Wordpress blog posts, here is my digital garden. It’s a small garden but I’ll be tending it regularly.

You can read a bit more about me.

Here is what’s on my mind lately.

I’m still wrapping my head around organizing this digital garden, and figuring out how posts or articles would fit in. For now, you can find any articles under the article tag.