Completed calculation showing transfer time.
Speed Calc

Speed Calc is an iPhone application that is used to calculate the transfer time of a file over a network, hard drive or serial connection. The user interface has been kept simple and clean to help make navigation and selection with a single finger a snap. No on-screen keyboards needed.

The size of the file can be entered in either binary or decimal sizes. For example, in decimal notation 1 kilobyte equals 1000 bytes. While in binary notation 1 kibibyte equals 1024 bytes. The digits and units of the file size are selected using a rotating wheel control.

The connection type can be selected from either a shortened list of common connections, or the full list of over 90 connection types. The user selects the desired connection speed using a rotating wheel control.

The transfer time for the file is calculated and displayed on the main screen when a file size is entered and a connection speed is selected. The resulting time is shown in an appropriate scale, from femtoseconds to millennia.

  • simple to use user interface design
  • supports both binary and decimal file sizes
  • supports over 90 types of network connections
  • calculated transfer time is shown in one of thirteen time scales


Startup screenSelect file size using decimal notationSelect file size using binary notationSelect network connection speed


Speed Calc can be purchased through the iTunes App Store (link opens in iTunes).