Spotlighted at Renderosity

My wife and I have been featured in the Renderosity Spotlight. As Renderosity celebrates their 10 year anniversary, they are digging up some of their old staff and finding out where they are today. My wife and I both worked on the staff at Renderosity previously and were honored to be asked to participate in their Spotlight feature.

The Spotlight is a very interesting feature for a community website. We answered a list of questions provided by the Renderosity editor. He formatted it all up and presented it as an article. Then, the floor is open for questions from the members for a week or so. Not exactly like a forum thread, but a semi-moderated Q and A session with the person/people in the Spotlight.

And I have to give some props to the Renderosity staff for asking us to participate. Liz and I didn’t exactly leave Renderosity on good terms, and even ran a competing website for a few years. At this point, years later, neither of us harbor any ill will towards Renderosity at all. However, the community can be quite fiery at times, and we’ve made a few un-friends along the way. Winking

Should be an interesting week in the Spotlight.