Graphulator 1.0 Released

Graphulator's calculator style interface
I’m pleased to announce that Graphulator 1.0 has been released into the Apple iTunes App Store. You can find it here (link opens in iTunes).

What is Graphulator? Graphulator is a graphing calculator application for Apple's iPhone. Graphulator allows the user to enter a mathematical formula using a familiar calculator-style interface, then display a two dimensional graph of that formula.

You can find more information about Graphulator here.

Graphulator 1.0 Uploaded To App Store

This afternoon I finally completed the process of uploading the first version of Graphulator to Apple’s App Store. If they find nothing major in the review process, it should be available on iTunes in a week or so. However, since this is my first upload to the App Store, it’s likely there is something I didn’t quite get right. So I expect to have to fix some minor issue or two and reupload the app.

In the process of getting the upload together, I took a few more screenshots and cleaned up the ones I already had. Apple prefers to have the status bar removed from top of all screenshots, so I did that. I’ll be updating the screenshot pages on the website with the new shots.