Nov 2008

Graphulator 1.0 Uploaded To App Store

This afternoon I finally completed the process of uploading the first version of Graphulator to Apple’s App Store. If they find nothing major in the review process, it should be available on iTunes in a week or so. However, since this is my first upload to the App Store, it’s likely there is something I didn’t quite get right. So I expect to have to fix some minor issue or two and reupload the app.

In the process of getting the upload together, I took a few more screenshots and cleaned up the ones I already had. Apple prefers to have the status bar removed from top of all screenshots, so I did that. I’ll be updating the screenshot pages on the website with the new shots.

XMind Now Opensource

XMind Screenshot
During my morning news feed reading this cold and rainy Saturday morning, I saw an article on TUAW that XMind has gone open source. XMind was a commercial mind mapping tool, and I guess it still is, as there is still a Pro version which includes online collaboration, a few extra report types and support. It’s written in Java and there are downloads available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, including a “portable” version that runs from a USB stick.

During my quick evaluation I saw no performance issues despite XMind being written in Java. Adding new nodes to the mind map was quick and easy. This is definitely a quality piece of software that I plan to add to my list of productivity tools.

Thank you XMind Ltd. for making this application open source!

Site Redesign and Relaunch

I have decided to redesign an relaunch this website to improve it’s focus on my development projects. The old blog site served its purpose at the time, but now I need to be able to provide additional information on several of the projects I am working on.

So things are a bit sparse at the moment, but I’m working to keep adding content, while trying to launch a new product at the same time.