Graphulator supports over 30 mathematical operators, functions and constants. It’s main calculator interface is designed to be familiar to the user to help make entering complex formulas simple. The graph screen uses standard iPhone gestures for easy panning and zooming of the graph.

Basic Calculator Interface Features
  • easy to read number and function buttons
  • several buttons for editing the formula: backspace and clear
  • graph button to view the graph for the entered formula
  • automatic closing of right parenthesis
    • for example, you could type in “sin(x” and the closing right parenthesis would be automatically added

Supported functions
  • Mathematical Operators
    • addition, subtraction, division, multiplication
    • unary minus
  • Constants
    • pi (3.141592653589793…)
    • e (2.718281828459045…)
  • Trigonometric Functions
    • sin, cos, tan
    • arcsin, arccos, arctan
    • sinh, cosh, tanh
    • arcsinh, arccosh, arctanh
  • Exponential Functions
    • log10 (log10)
    • log2 (log2)
    • ln (loge)
    • exp (ex)
  • Mathematical Functions
    • sqrt
    • abs
    • floor
    • ceil
    • ! (factorial)

Graph Screen Features
  • one finger touch to pan the graph
  • two finger pinch to zoom or unzoom the view of the graph
  • grid can be toggled on and off
  • locking the scale of the x and y axis can be toggled on and off